As a member of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) working group, Michele Cusmai, our CEO, spoke about the importance of the human factor at the event “The integration of the collection center with the processing and production blood bank”, held in Modena on January 20th 2023.

For the publication of the International Society for Blood Transfusion Guidelines for Traceability of Medical Products of Human Origin by Vox Sanguinis, he was asked to address the issue of the complexity of traceability and the responsibility of traceability, both subjective and collective.

Michele has focused attention on the emergence of new needs to record, analyze and control data not only related to the product, but also to the activities that are carried out by a single operator or, in a global vision, the interconnection of the various activities carried out by a working group. In response to this need, Michele presented the SWISS SCWeb system, with the specific example of Modena, and in particular how it is structured: from the analysis of the organization, to the graphical representation of a workflow and of the choices that the operator can implement in conformity with how much established from the organization; in addition to the analysis of all variables that can affect the correct function of the procedure, the technologies used by the organization and the interfaces.

In conclusion, Michele pointed out:

the importance of checking not only the history of a procedure completed correctly, but also the one interrupted and then resumed, to have the opportunity to dwell in those areas where it is necessary to analyse why certain mistakes occur or almost, and what can be done to implement a change that always has as its ultimate goal a continuous improvement.