Channell potential energies towards a common balance and functioning

Cells’ DNA

Even our life is part of an indissoluble and non-replicable message


Attract the thoughts of those who follow unique and unrepeatable actions

Purpose, mission and values


Abbreviation of Signal, Communication and Web.

We manage electromagnetic signals as information carriers, we elaborate information to create the correct process which the user will follow to perform his/her activities and we use the Web as a development platform.

scweb® is an electronic and active documentation system used to improve quality control and support healthcare workers.

We design workflows that reflect the activities of healthcare workers. We manage communication devices in the areas where the activities are carried out and we document the processes achieved.

  • Monitoring and analysis of specific lines of work
  • Software system architecture
  • Startup assistance plan
  • Testing
  • Various levels of services on offer
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Method of intervention
  • Ticket Management


Signal integration


An in-depth work flow analys


Easy-to-follow steps enabling users to cover risks

Scientific Support

Consensus through the use of Scientific societies and Academies’ guidelines

Our Team

Scweb is a company of the digital era in all respects; a virtual open office accessible to the organization at any time and from any part of the globe.
Transparency, trust and the achievement of common goals are the basis of our working team.

Our company is not hierarchically defined. On the contrary, we believe in the accessibility to information and sustainability in the comparison of ideas.