Quality policy

The attribution of human behavior to actions of complex and simple organizations is the study for the realization of our SCWeb system.

This attribution becomes a symbol of guarantee and professionalism when it is self-determined and in the context of the common interest.

These two factors reflect the development of the SCWeb system.

SCWeb is an abbreviation of Signal, Communication and Web: we manage the electromagnetic signal as an information carrier, we make the communication necessary to keep the process in which people perform their activities stable and we use the Web as development platforms.

SCWeb is an electronic and active system for documentation in the field of Quality Systems applications.

When the Quality System is adopted in highly critical environments, a system such as SCWeb becomes necessary, as for example in health processes such as the laboratory, patient bed therapy or the logistics of sensitive products.

As far as the Swiss SCWeb company is concerned, we believe that Swiss SCWeb is a mirror of Quality and therefore adopts a Quality Management System that implements the best Quality Policy.

The impact of the Quality Policy within our society must be as deep as possible.

SCWeb is a company born with all the characteristics of the digital age; is a virtual office always open and accessible, the SCWeb organization can work in this office at any time and from anywhere in the globe.

Our product is an IT product, it develops and concretizes digitally.

The activities are digitally tracked this favors the process of control and risk analysis.

This dynamism based on management is a determining factor in our Quality Policy.

However, there remains a human part that can not be exploited to digital logic, the emotional will to achieve and pursue our goals that in human irrational can also be configured as dreams.

Knowledge and logic are not enough. We need a pioneering spirit that knows how to face unknown roads but above all that does not make us lose heart when we inevitably make mistakes.

Also in this case our Quality Policy must help us to see our mistakes serenely.

In conclusion, for those who will guide the Swiss SCWeb it will be crucial to maintain the stability of the company through the most correct and courageous Quality Policy.

Adequacy for SCWeb system purpose

  • Work-flow Analysis, Development, Implementation, Support and Maintenance projects
  • Give support to the documentation activity with the integration on the Quality process
  • Encourage the interested parties with values of Quality promoting technological professionalism,
    service and innovation.


  • Providing solution and services that satisfy the interested parties’ needs and expected value.
  • Increasing customers through the effective application of Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Invest to the continuous improvement of the QMS.

Quality be about us all

  • QMS as well as the Quality Policy are communicated and understood within Swiss SCWeb by all our
    employees and third party
  • The Quality Policy is available to end users, customers and other interested parties on our website

Applicable Standard

  • The ISO 9001: 2015 standard acts as a reference framework for reviewing and adapting our quality
    objectives and QMS, where a risk-based thinking has been used for the planning and implementation
    of the processes.
  • All Swiss SCWeb Departments are responsible for the implementation of the QMS within the
    organisation, in order to ensure that the project and services are appropriate for the intended use and
    in accordance with the contract specifications.
  • The Management ensures strict application of this policy and guarantees it before the interested

Lucern (CH), 13th Dicember 2018