Electronic transfusion chart: applicability study of the SCWeb® system in a transfusion clinic

Melli C.,Camilot D.,Battaglia C.,Dolfini C., Medeot M.,Zamaro P.,Bertolutti A.,Urban S.,

Pigani S.,Gallo S.,De Angelis V.

SIMT,Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Udine,Udine

FOREWORD: The administration of blood components (EC) represents a critical phase of the transfusion process and the most critical phases for the possible occurrence of errors are represented by the collection of informed consent and patient identification. The probability of the error can be reduced with the implementation of valid IT systems. The SCWeb System is designed to implement the control process in a specific critical area in the hospital-health sector using electronic devices to guarantee traceability and increase safety. It uses check-lists compiled and checked in real time designed according to current legislation. …..

CONCLUSIONS: The simplicity of the system has allowed its use without negatively impacting the internal organization of the clinic. The operators used it without difficulty. The recording of the electronic check lists allowed the real-time traceability of the transfusion process and provided a valid retrospective verification tool for the operator. The obligation of two operators to check the bedside checklist only contributes to the reduction of the risk of transfusion error. The system can be used as a barrier tool (error prevention), to document the process and as an educational tool (staff training).