Blood Bank work flow

Defining critical areas and activities

scweb® System is designed and implemented following customers’ needs.

Prior to the activity, we provide accurate information to the staff working with scweb® (Signal Communication Web) System.
We implement a control process in the specific critical area(s) by using electronic devices to trace the activities carried out. This increases safety and makes the manual activities more fluid.

scweb® System consists of the best communication signal solutions (antennas, readers, gateways, etc.), hardware solutions and scweb® software configuration.
scweb® software is a platform developed to manage different localisation technologies (WLAN, RFID, Bluetooth 4.0 LE / iBeacon, GPS) and can be integrated with external systems for bidirectional management (ESPA-X, HL7-ADT).
This platform has the ability to handle very complex workflows. Some of the main features are:

  • Customisation
  • Privacy Configuration
  • Great interface with the user

Make your best check list

  • Packing and labelling plasma bags
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Transport
  • Platelet Inactivation
  • Shipment by drones
  • Storage
  • Centrifugation