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About us

The information is in the DNA of cells and in the signals that cross the universe, even our life is part of an indissoluble and non-replicable message.

Our logo is a graphic representation of the information which flows through the cell and the universe and wants to attract the thoughts of those who follow unique and unrepeatable actions.

scweb® is the abbreviation of Signal, Communication and Web. We manage electromagnetic signals as information carriers, we elaborate information to create the correct process which the user will follow to perform his/her activities and we use the Web as a development platform. scweb® is an electronic and active documentation system used to improve quality control and support healthcare professionals.

Our activities:

Monitoring and analysis of specific lines of work

Software system architecture

Startup assistance plan


Various levels of services on offer

Preventive maintenance

Method of intervention

Ticket Management


Easy-to-follow steps enabling users to cover risks


Signal integration

Scientific Support

Consensus through the use of Scientific societies and Academies' guidelines


Scientific approach guaranteed


An in-depth work flow analysis